Teddy Web

Create safe, fast and reliable websites and android apps with Atooz.

Teddy Web

Develop fantastic and customizable web applications and apps with Atooz

Teddy Web

We support every needs of business and will try to give best services ever.

web design

Web Design

We are one among the best premium webdesign companies in Coimbatore. Our designers make best use of existing technologies to give you quality web services.

web development

Web development

We create powerful web applications to manage and run every businesses. Our developers deliver fully scalable web applications for every needs of the businesses and owners.

android application

Android application development

Android is one of the highly used OS in day to day life. We create fully customizable android apps to business as per their requirements. Quality is our motive.


Wordpress development

We create wordpress dynamic web applications for blogs, news sites, etc. Our qualified wordpress developers team is fully capable of any dynamic web-applications like woocommerce, shopify, etc.

What We Offer

We offer cheap price web design, web development, wordpress development, android app development and hosting services.

quality websites

Quality First

We assure best quality and internet standards in delivering every service and product. Our designers and developers provide clean code for every service.

cheap websites


We offer our quality products and services in price cheap based on the needs of a business.


Certified Developers

We are a group of certified developers and designers who work for you.

fast delivery

Fast Delivery

We deliver services as fast as possible with the best quality and good approach.


Best Hosting

We are one among the best companies for providing premium cheap web hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting based on the needs of business.


Better Support

We support all businesses in every possibe way so that you & we both can reach success easily.

About Us

We are one among top web design, web development and android development companies in Coimbatore. We are a group of passionate designers and developers who thrive to well plan, develop and build scalable applications and websites.


This is not a company but a team of best developers and freelancers joined to give the best solutions for the needs of every tailor-end needs of the businesses. Quality and Efficiency is our motto.

Our smart people not only deliver best design and development, but to provide innovative solutions for every businesses.

A good website will increase sales, leads and traffic, so that it is business advantage.


Are you ready to create your own empire of websites for businesses ?

What all we do ?

We develop company websites, ecommerce websites, matrimony websites and billing softwares.

Ecommerce applications

Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce web applications for grocery shops, industries, etc.

Wedding sites

Wedding websites

Websites for wedding, web and android applications for wedding management, etc.

School, college , company websites

School, College, Company websites and android apps

School, College and Company websites, android apps for tracking school, college vehicles, etc .

Management system applications

Other applications

Attendance Management applications, Forum and discussions applications, Custom Relationship management applications, etc.

responsive websites

Responsive websites

Responsive web designs for different screen sizes i.e for mobiles, tablets and computers etc.

billing applications

Billing applications and softwares

Billing softwares for shops, departmental stores, etc.

travel sites

Websites for tours & travels and startups

Websites for travel and startup companies, etc .

What all technology we Work

We choose technologies based on effectiveness and requirements of the project.



We use PHP for handling server sided coding in webdevelopment and android development.



We use Java for android app development, windows and linux applications development.


HTML5, JavaScript, CSS

We use HTML5, CSS, Javascript and their frameworks(jquery, bootstrap) for developing client side of webapplications.



We use codeigniter framework as backend for developing highly secured webapplications.

Our Pricing

We provide all our services in cheap & best pricing compared to other companies in Coimbatore.

Web Designing


8 - 10 pages
Google analytics
Contact Form
Responsive webdesign
Social media integration
Search Engine Friendly
Free Hosting for 1 year

Wordpress CMS


Can create your own pages
Google analytics
Contact Form
Responsive webdesign
Social media integration
Search Engine Friendly
Free Domain & Hosting for 1 year

Web applications

Application Based

Based on your requirements
Google analytics
Contact Form
Responsive webdesign
Social media integration
Search Engine Friendly
Free Domain & Hosting for 1 year

Android application

Application Based

Based on your requirements
Firebase analytics
Google play upload
Support all android devices
Cloud messaging

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Frequently asked Questions

What is web designing ?

Web designing is designing of a website or webpage. Generally designing the user interface and user experience elements of webpage is said as web designing. One cannot provide good usability and accessibility of web pages to users without a good web designer.

What all we do in web designing ?

We use HTML to create web page documents which browser reads. CSS is used in styling the contents of the web page and We use Javascript to manage clicks, events and client sided programming as per the client requirements.

Explanation about web development ?

Web development is the process involved in creating an web application. This includes from designing website to create complex web based applications. Example : shoppingkart. Strong analytical and logical skills is needed to develop a web application.

What all needed in hosting a website ?

We need server, web page files and a domain to host a websites. We create web page files. Server and domains can be rented from third party websites like Godaddy, AWS, etc based on our need and speed.

What all we do in android development ?

Analyze -> Plan -> Create -> Test -> Launch.
We create powerful android application starting from user interface design to launching android application. We use Java to create android applications and php as a server sided code for them.

What tools we use in android development ?

Android studio for programming.
Adobe photoshop for graphical elements.
CodeBlocks IDE for server sided code.

Difference between web designing and web development ?

Web designing only includes desgning of UI/UX elements and static webpages ,while Web development includes from web designing to complex programmatical web applications like social network.

Why wordpress is used ?

Worpress is the content management web application developed by Wordpress Organisation which is distributed free. This is one of the largely used CMS in the world. We can use this for blogs or to generate dynamic web pages.

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